As residents of Colorado’s high country and the front range know, winter can be both beautiful and harsh. With snow-capped peaks and crisp air, preparing for winter is crucial. Fortunately, Moore Lumber & Hardware and Evergreen Ace Stores are here to provide residents with all their winterization needs.

1. Snow Blower Maintenance: Clear Colorado’s Snowy Paths

When winter storms hit, having a functioning snow blower is essential. Head over to Moore Lumber & Hardware or Evergreen Ace Stores to:

– Replace old spark plugs.
– Find the right lubricants for moving parts.
– Pick up fresh fuel or stabilizers.
– Get expert advice on any parts replacements.

2. Insulation: Colorado Cold-Proofing

The altitude and open landscapes mean Colorado homes need top-notch insulation.

– Visit Moore Lumber & Hardware for a range of insulation materials suitable for attics and walls.
– Seek weatherstripping solutions for windows and doors at Evergreen Ace Stores.

3. Outside Weatherization: Battle the Rockies’ Chill

To keep your home cozy and protected from the elements:

– Find a variety of caulks and sealants at both Moore Lumber & Hardware and Evergreen Ace Stores.
– Protect outdoor faucets with faucet covers available at these local stores.
– Install storm windows or use plastic film kits, readily available at both stores.

4. Lawn Fall Prep: Prepare for Colorado’s Spring Melt

Our unique environment means extra care for lawns.

– Pick up a rake from Moore Lumber & Hardware or Evergreen Ace to manage falling leaves.
– Fertilize for the upcoming spring; ask the helpful staff at both stores for recommendations tailored to Colorado soils.

5. Power Equipment Winterization: Ready for Rocky Mountain Winter

Colorado’s climate demands more from power tools.

– Empty out fuel and find top-notch stabilizers at either store.
– Store equipment properly with storage solutions from Evergreen Ace.

6. Sprinkler System Winterization: Avoid High Country Freeze Damage

Protect your sprinkler system from the Colorado cold by:

– Turning off the water supply and draining pipes thoroughly.
– Finding insulation solutions for above-ground components at Moore Lumber & Hardware.
– Disconnecting and storing hoses, with a wide variety available at both stores for replacements.


Whether you’re nestled in the high country or along the front range, preparing for winter in Colorado is of utmost importance. Thankfully, with local businesses like Moore Lumber & Hardware and Evergreen Ace Stores, residents have a one-stop-shop for all their winterization needs. Let’s embrace the beauty of a Colorado winter, fully prepared!