The Top 3 Things to Consider When Building a New Deck in Colorado

For Colorado residents blessed with majestic mountains and expansive skies, a deck can be the perfect addition to savor these views. Yet, building a deck in the Centennial State comes with unique challenges. Moore Lumber & Hardware, with locations in Bailey, Bennett, Aspen Park, Castle Rock, and Pine, is proud to recommend TimberTech materials for crafting durable and beautiful decks tailored to Colorado’s conditions.

Weather and Climate Durability

Colorado’s unpredictable weather requires a deck that can stand the test of time and the elements.

    • Material Choices: TimberTech’s composite decking, available at Moore Lumber & Hardware, is a top pick for many Colorado homeowners. These boards resist the effects of the sun, snow, and changing seasons, ensuring longevity.
    • UV Protection: At higher altitudes, decks face intense UV exposure. Thankfully, TimberTech decking, found at Moore’s Castle Rock and other locations, offers built-in UV protection to keep your deck looking new.
    • Snow and Ice Management: A design that minimizes snow and ice accumulation is crucial. The smooth finish of TimberTech decking also allows for easier snow removal.

      Local Regulations and Building Codes

      Staying compliant with Colorado’s decking regulations is a must.

      • Permits and Compliance: Before construction, always secure the necessary permits. Visit any Moore Lumber & Hardware location, like Aspen Park or Bailey, for advice and to ensure your TimberTech materials meet local building codes.
      • Wildfire Zones: For those in wildfire-prone zones, Moore Lumber & Hardware in Pine and other branches offers TimberTech’s fire-resistant decking options, giving homeowners added peace of mind.

        Altitude and Design Elements

        Colorado’s altitude not only affects breathtaking views but also influences deck design and material performance.

        • Expansion and Contraction: At high altitudes, material stability is paramount. TimberTech composite decking, available at Moore’s Bennett and other locations, addresses this concern with its engineered design.
        • Breathable Designs: Given Colorado’s thinner air, ensure your deck design facilitates proper airflow, especially if you’re adding features like fire pits.
        • Maximize Views: Enhance your deck’s view with TimberTech’s sleek railing options, ensuring an uninterrupted panorama of Colorado’s beauty.

Building a deck in Colorado is an investment in both your home and your quality of life. With Moore Lumber & Hardware’s extensive range of TimberTech products across its locations, you’re assured quality materials and expert advice for your project. Embrace Colorado’s natural charm with a deck that’s both stunning and resilient.