Mark Blickenstaff chosen in LBM Journal’s 40 Under 40

In any industry, keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape requires fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and dynamic leadership. The Lumber and Building Material (LBM) community is no exception. One of the most persistent issues we face is attracting, hiring, and retaining young talent. As older generations pave the way for new ones, it’s crucial to ensure that the LBM industry remains vibrant, innovative, and sustainable.

To tackle this challenge and celebrate the new wave of leadership, we’re thrilled to announce the LBM 40 Under 40. This initiative recognizes and celebrates the growing class of young leaders making significant contributions to the LBM community. These individuals are not just the future of our industry—they are the present, pushing boundaries, introducing fresh perspectives, and ensuring the LBM community remains at the forefront of the construction world.

Among the talented individuals celebrated in this inaugural list, we’re particularly proud to highlight one of our very own—Mark Blickenstaff, the General Manager of Castle Rock. Mark’s inclusion in the LBM 40 Under 40 is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and leadership in our community.

Why Mark Blickenstaff Stands Out

Mark Blickenstaff has consistently demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to business, understanding that the backbone of any successful venture is its people. Under his leadership, Castle Rock has prioritized employee growth, satisfaction, and retention. Mark’s commitment to investing in professional development and his aptitude for fostering a culture of continuous learning is evident in Castle Rock’s flourishing operations.

Moreover, Mark’s vision for incorporating technology and sustainability into the LBM industry has made him a standout leader. His initiatives, centered on digital transformation and green building materials, have not only improved Castle Rock’s bottom line but have also positioned the company as a pioneer in sustainable construction.

The Future is Bright

The LBM 40 Under 40 serves as a reminder of the vast potential our industry holds. With young leaders like Mark Blickenstaff at the helm, we’re confident about the future of the LBM community. It’s not just about adapting to the times—it’s about setting the pace for the rest of the world to follow.

As we move forward, let’s all take a moment to recognize and support the next generation of leaders. Together, with the perfect blend of experience and innovation, the LBM community can continue to thrive and shape the world of construction for the better.